Crayfit- Cake Icing Mold

$14.95 $28.95

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Create the perfect cake icing for the occasion

Crayfit is a molder like no other! With zero skills you can create the most detailed icings you have ever seen. The next cake you bake will leave everyone in complete awe.

Take advantage of the variety of complex patterns and make every dessert unique and yummier than ever. The silicone material never loses shape and pops easily.

One simple tool lets you master decorative arts instantly. Chose Crayfit and make the next gathering an unforgettably delicious.


Beautiful toppings in an instant- Creating a delicious masterpiece is now an effortless endeavor. Crayfit does molds and servers for you.

So pretty you won’t want to eat it- Crayfit will make your cake look like a piece of art. You’ll regret eating the yummy masterpieces you’ve made.

Infinite ways to ice the cake- The many molders make every dessert you make a unique dining experience.

Crayfit is the ultimate choice- Make the next gathering unforgettably delicious. Every cake becomes a masterpiece with Crayfit’s icing on it.

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