Pampri-Cake Decorating Piping Tips

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Create masterful pastries like it’s nothing

This piping tool can create any form there is. With Pampri it’s easy to create beautiful pastry decorations. With one push you create delicious food art like it’s nothing.

The set is full of unique tips to make every cake an intricate wonder. Creating enticing decorations is now done in a blink of an eye.

Save yourself the trouble and make pastries with fun. Any cook becomes a master artisan when wielding Pampri. The easiest way to make unforgettable finishes.


Instant enticing designs- Creating intricate decorations is now child’s play. Easily turn pastries into delicious sculptures.

Create art without skill- With a simple push, you too can make masterful decorations. Leave everybody stupefied with zero effort.

Endless decorative possibilities- The many decorative pieces can be twisted and turned to create a unique pastry design each time.

Why Pampri is for you- Now you can make a unique decoration with a simple push. Pampri turns you into a pastry artisan.

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