Milly-Multi-functional Grinding Machine

$44.95 $59.95

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Grind to powder anything you wish

Who knows how old are the powders at the store counter. With Milly you can grind to perfection any spice or ingredient you wish to get the full flavor out of your buck.

Milly is small, sturdy, and powerful. The motor can turn to powder just about anything. You have perfect control over the process, just hold the button until you are satisfied.

Feel the full taste of the freshly milled foods and ingredients you put in it. Milly makes things simple, grind anything too powdery perfection with incredible consistency.


A grinder for all purposes- Milly works for just about anything. Grind beans, nuts spices and herbs using only one simple tool.

Mill to powdery perfection- The powerful motor grinds consistently without wearing off. Milly grinds with clean and consistent results every time.

Produce fresh powders- Using Milly you always know what you are consuming. Make your own spices and coffee to get the full flavor.

Milly is the ultimate choice- Why buy decade-old powders when you can use Milly to make fresh ingredients within seconds.

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